Last week Tommy and I left behind the cold, gray, unpredictable Vermont weather for sunny California. In ten years we’ve only taken one other proper vacation together and that was the few days after our wedding that we spent in Maine (but I’m not convinced that totally counts as a vacation since we had to cancel our real honeymoon in lieu of my knee surgery). Our other trips are usually to visit family and friends and attend weddings. So as you can imagine I was REALLY excited for this trip.
DSC_0043 (2).JPGWe touched down in San Francisco on Saturday afternoon – I was blown away by the rolling hill and green space. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I knew that San Fran was hilly I just didn’t realize the surrounding area was so green! Love at first sight. We grabbed our rental car and headed straight out for those hills.
We drove over the Golden Gate bridge and up to Sonoma. It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful drive.
Tommy drove us while I snapped away with my camera. Look at that view!! I couldn’t get enough. But soon the cityscapes and water gave way to green pastures and rows of vines.
An hour and a half later we made it to Sonoma and found our inn. It was one of those times where seeing it in person was even better than the photos online. It was bright, gorgeous and the staff couldn’t have been friendlier.

After getting up at 4:30am east coast time, we were exhausted. So we walked the main square, grabbed some delicious Mexican food and called it an early night. The next morning we woke up to a basket of fresh baked pastries hanging on the outside of our door, which we enjoyed in our very own breakfast nook.
I loved this about where we stayed. Unlike a traditional B&B, the whole experience was very private. Our room had a living room and breakfast nook complete with a fridge, coffee maker and cupboards. The fridge was stocked with milk, oj, butter and half and half and the cupboard held cereals, jams and local coffee grounds. Each day while our room was cleaned the table was reset and our fruit plate was refilled. I enjoyed a pastry while Tommy sipped coffee and poured a giant bowl of cereal. Then I was off for a massage – did I mention that our inn had a spa??
I donned a robe and strolled down this outdoor corridor to the loveliest massage with the sweetest masseuse. She confided that she learned massage therapy in the sixties and has been loving her job for more than 40 years. I couldn’t blame her. The room we were in was stunning. Unlike most massages I’ve had, it was drenched in sunlight. The entire back wall was a window overlooking a tiny, private courtyard – not a bad place to call your office. Loving the wash of light, I was relaxed and energized at the same time. I left in a pretty euphoric state,  and more than ready to head out to our first vineyard – more on that soon!


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