Grown up field trip

Two weeks ago Tommy and I headed down to CT for a fun weekend with my family, my roommate from college and her boyfriend. On the docket – lots of eating and a day in New York City. Michael surprised Callie with tickets to Aladdin on Broadway for her birthday back in October and invited Tommy and me to join. That Saturday morning we boarded the train from Darien bright and early and set off for the city. Our first stop?
NYC 1.30.16 016.JPG
The Museum of Natural History! This museum holds a very special place in my heart. Growing up, my mom used to take Casey, Dennis and me there all the time. Dennis was obsessed with dinosaurs. OBSESSED. My mom must’ve read him every single dinosaur book in the library, we owned more movies about dinosaurs than fit comfortably on a bookshelf and he had what seemed like thousands of figurines which he lined up meticulously by size. The entire floor of dinosaurs housed in this glorious museum was his childhood mecca.

We didn’t have a ton of time due to lunch plans with my parents and the show at 2:30pm so we had to be strategic. We decided on two exhibits: dinosaurs and ocean life.
NYC 1.30.16 051.JPG
Fossils astound me. It amazes me to think of paleontologists digging these bones from the ground and reconstructing them from theoretical knowledge.
NYC 1.30.16 048.JPG
How funky is this guy? It was cool to see the not-so-mainstream dinos. Most of them were new to me. I also learned that whales, who once had legs, descended from the dinosaur. I didn’t even have to read that off of a plaque. Dennis is a walking encyclopedia. Anything that crosses over with marine life, he knows. Which made the whale room even more interesting.
NYC 1.30.16 056.JPG
Hey there, big guy! I love this space. When I worked at Middlebury we had our alumni holiday party in this room.  Imagine a gorgeous bar set up, 800 or so folks mingling in dressy party attire and delicious passed hors d’oeurves. It’s pretty magical.
NYC 1.30.16 066.JPG
We cruised through checking out each window until it was time to head out for lunch. If you have a few hours to spare in NYC I’d highly recommend a visit. I feel like it brings out a childish awe of the unknown. You can explore up close things you’ve never seen (and may never see) in person.
NYC 1.30.16 054.JPG
We met my parents at Saju, a favorite spot of ours for lunch or dinner. You can almost always get a table, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is cozy. Plus, it is close to the theaters.
NYC 1.30.16 037.JPG
We caught up over lunch then headed on our separate ways. Cal, Michael, Tommy and I were off to Aladdin, my parents had tickets to Beautiful, and Casey and Dennis were meeting up with our cousin in Central Park.
NYC 1.30.16 068.JPG
Aladdin was great. The set was really neat and the genie was fabulous! I enjoyed his songs the most. I hadn’t seen the movie in ages (I’m not a Disney buff like Tommy and Callie), so it was fun to relive all the songs. I especially enjoyed Tommy and Callie singing along.
NYC 1.30.16 071.JPG
Before catching our train home we met up with Casey, Dennis and my cousin Hayley for a quick piece of post-show cheesecake at Juniors. By the time we slumped into our seats on the train I was exhausted! Our big kid field trip wore me out in the best way.


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