Sunday at Sugarbush

Last weekend while the rest of the east coast was getting buried by a monster snow storm, Vermont was sunnier than it’s been in weeks. Tommy and our friends Hannah and Peter had plans to ski on Sunday, and I decided to take a ride to the mountain with them.
Sugarbush 1.24.15 003.JPG
I tried skiing a few weeks ago but my knee isn’t quite ready yet. It felt so good to be on skis, but I’m just not strong enough to go without doing damage. However, it was a good reminder of how much I love being at the mountain. So I packed up my book, my camera and some snacks and hopped in the car with the skiers.
Sugarbush 1.24.15 002.JPG
Sugarbush was bathed in sunlight, and after a bitterly cold week it felt great to be outside. Last week I really struggled with the cold, feeling lethargic and unmotivated to do much of anything.  What a difference the sun can make. Sitting in the lodge looking out at the bright blue skies, I was itching to get outside.
Sugarbush 1.24.15 001
I bundled up and took a walk. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and at 22 degrees I was actually quite comfortable. It seemed quiet for such a beautiful day. As Peter pointed out, the big storm probably prevented out-of-staters from coming up.
Sugarbush 1.24.15 011.JPG
I walked around the base a bit and then went exploring up the road. There’s a new section of condos going up so I peeked around there before walking back down.
Sugarbush 1.24.15 015.JPG
I joined Tommy, Hannah and Peter for lunch out on the patio. Did I mention it was a gorgeous day?? Clearly, we Vermonters don’t get enough winter sunshine. I couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful it was.
Sugarbush 1.24.15 008.JPG
I may still have a ways to go before I can ski again, but it still felt good to be out soaking up the rare January sun with these guys.
Sugarbush 1.24.15 010.JPG


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