A Warm Winter Walk

Two weeks before Christmas, Tommy and I celebrated the holiday with my family in CT. While we were down there we also spent a day Newport, RI for a little holiday reunion with some St. Mike’s friends (plus Casey and Dennis who tagged along for the trip.)
Conetta Christmas 055.JPG
We met at our fabulous friend Abby’s apartment before heading to Marble House for a holiday mansion tour. Abby works for the Newport mansions so she gave us a personal tour, which was a lot more fun than walking around with headphones on listening to a recording!
Conetta Christmas 024

You could only take photos in the foyer so here are a few from there. The house is stunning, every surface is covered in different types of marble from all over the world. There’s a whopping 500,000 cubic feet of marble throughout the house! Add Christmas decor and you feel as though you’ve stepped into a fairy tale of sorts.

The funny part is, these mansions were never open in the winter as they were strictly summer “cottages”. It’s such a shame because you could throw one heck of a holiday party in such a gorgeously adorned 50-room mansion!
Conetta Christmas 048.JPG
Once we’d had our look around we headed out to the grounds to explore. It may have been December, but the weather was more reminiscent of late April.
Conetta Christmas 057.JPG
We decided to take full advantage of the warm weather, and set out on the Cliff Walk. Note Tommy’s lack of jacket and Ray’s short sleeves – a funny juxtaposition to the Christmas tour we’d just taken.
Conetta Christmas 065.JPG
I love Newport’s rocky coast line. It reminds me so much of Maine. I couldn’t resist getting a little snap happy with my camera.
Conetta Christmas 067.JPG
I also love Abby’s ski sweater!
Conetta Christmas 077.JPG
We walked along catching up, chatting about holiday plans and checking out the mansions along the way.
Conetta Christmas 060.JPG
When we were kids my parents used to take us to Newport in the summer and my mom loves to tell the story of how we whined and complained the entire length of the cliff walk one year. I guess we were too young to appreciate the calm, quiet beauty. Which is ironic because now taking walks to look at houses is one of my favorite activities. I love peeking around neighborhoods when we travel, and even in Burlington, it’s one of my favorite ways to get to know a place.

Conetta Christmas 076.JPG
Warm as it was, it was still winter so the sun started to set late in the afternoon. We turned around and headed back to the car. Casey, Dennis, Tommy and I actually had another stop on our day trip. We were meeting my parents in New Haven for dinner and a concert. So we said our goodbyes and parted ways.
Conetta Christmas 078.JPG
We had so much fun exploring Newport and catching up with Abby, Melissa and Ray. We may not be able to get together as often as we’d like, but we always pick up right where we left off.
Conetta Christmas 072


One thought on “A Warm Winter Walk

  1. Finally a new post! Phew, waited a long time for this one.
    Yes, you all whined and moaned every time Dad and I ventured on a cliff walk in Newport but it was worth it…


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