It’s Christmas time in the city.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Conettas (and our resident McCann) hopped on the train and took a ride into New York.
Thanksgiving 126.JPG
We try to get in to see the tree and windows each year, and since Tommy and I won’t be in CT for Christmas, we went early.
Thanksgiving 127.JPG
We started in Grand Central and walked up to the library and Bryant park.
Thanksgiving 129.JPG
I love these lions. They look so majestic with their wreaths in place.
Thanksgiving 133.JPG
The skating rink is all set up in the park, and there’s a little Christmas market around it.
Thanksgiving 137.JPG
It was so warm that we didn’t even need coats – a strange sensation when you’re walking around looking at Christmas decorations!
Thanksgiving 140.JPG
But, I can’t complain, it was a gorgeous day to be out and about.
Thanksgiving 145.JPG
(Side note: one of these days I’m going to get tickets to Jimmy Fallon! Every time we go down to my parents’ Tommy tries to get tickets and we have yet to be successful.)
Thanksgiving 168.JPG
We made it to the tree before it got too too crowded and then walked across the street to see the Saks windows.
Thanksgiving 179.JPG
This year’s windows were more elegant than whimsical – frosty and white with pops of blue.
Thanksgiving 181.JPG
After the windows, we walked through Anthropologie. They have such gorgeous displays all year long, but their holiday set up is always magical.
Thanksgiving 174.JPG
We had one last stop before lunch, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The last few times I’ve been in the city the outside of the cathedral has been covered in scaffolding. This is the first time I’ve been since they completed restoring the outside. I couldn’t get over how bright and white it looked!
Thanksgiving 163.JPG
We walked up quite an appetite so we ducked into one of my mom’s mid-town favorites, Saju, for lunch. It was a great morning spent with my family in one of my favorite places.


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