New look. New nook.

I don’t know if it’s that shorter, cooler days are keeping me cooped up in the house or that Tommy and I are hosting Christmas for the McCann side this year, but I have been on a mission to get some little projects done around the house. In past few weeks we’ve focused most of our attention upstairs, hanging art in the previously naked hallway, switching out the art above the guest bed, and making over a corner of our bedroom.That last project has me swooning.
New Nook 291
This nook of our bedroom has been sadly neglected since we moved in almost two years ago. I set up my desk on the wall that now has the chair and bookshelf to use as a vanity and never got any farther than that. I loved the functionality – a place to store make up and jewelry out of sight that doubled as a spot to put on my make up – but hated the way it looked. I started looking at chairs for the space but chairs are crazy expensive!
New Nook 260
Then, on Sunday, Korinne texted me a picture of this chair. She was in Homegoods and thought it could work in our bedroom (#goodlookingout). I threw on shoes and was out the door in 30 seconds flat. When I saw it in person I was sold. The pattern is so rich and beautiful in person and both the chair and fabric seem to be well made. I loaded it up in my car and was home before Tommy even realized I’d left.
New Nook 257
We got it in place and it looked a little lonely. So I brought in the little shelf I was using as a nightstand in the guest room and scavenged some frames and things from around the house to hang.
New Nook 279
My brother actually made that shelf in a woodworking class in high school. It’s been with me since my first apartment and I love that it now serves as a mini bookshelf. The mirror was a gift from a very good friend. You can’t see it well but the frame is beautifully etched and the finish gives it a soft antiqued look. I’ve been wanting to hang it since we moved in but hadn’t found the right spot until now.
New Nook 292
When you step back, you can see that the wall above my desk is in need of some love. I’m thinking one or two floating shelves centered over the desk and two frames stacked to left of them. Even though there’s still more work to be done, I’m so happy with the way it turned out. The whole nook feels bright, happy and functional.
New Nook 296


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