Farm Date

Let’s travel back six weeks, okay? To September 20, 2015, when Tommy and I celebrated our first year of marriage. We talked about going on a trip, but with all of the summer travel we’d been doing, and another wedding coming up the following weekend, we decided on a quiet weekend at home.
Shelburne in September 006
So we booked a breakfast date at the Inn at Shelburne Farms. When we lived in Shelburne, the farm was one of our favorite places to run, walk and take visitors. We still get down there but not as often as I’d like. We picked breakfast over dinner so we could walk around after we ate.
Shelburne in September 053
Breakfast is served out on the back patio of the inn, overlooking the lake.
Shelburne in September 018
Photos don’t do it justice. The view is stunning. My date wasn’t hard on the eyes either.
Shelburne in September 023
We ordered breakfast for an army, I poured some tea, and we settled into a relaxing meal. We spent most of the time talking about the past year. It was fun to look back and reflect on all that’s happened since our wedding.
Shelburne in September 029
We both had the best time at our wedding. It was exactly what we had hoped it would be. Having all our family and friends in one place for the whole weekend was the best part. We actually had time to visit with everyone and nothing felt rushed.
Shelburne in September 031
We spent the few days after our wedding in Cape Elizabeth, Maine with a quick overnight at the Mount Washington Hotel on the way home. It was picturesque and filled with much needed R&R. When we got home, I had my first knee surgery the next day. Then, a second surgery eight weeks after that. It wasn’t exactly the picture-perfect start to our first year of marriage.
Shelburne in September 042
However, laying in a hospital bed less than a week after our wedding, terrified of the (minor!) surgery I was about to have, I was reminded that Tommy is the perfect person for me. I was having a full blown anxiety attack in anticipation of getting an IV put in. I was in such a panic that I could barely breathe, let alone speak to the nurses trying to calm me down. Tommy was by my side the entire time calmly asking me questions, relaying my incomprehensible answers to the nurses, and letting me squeeze crush his hand.
Shelburne in September 036
The next few months weren’t glamorous either. I lost my quad muscle function, and an eight week recovery turned into an eight month recovery. I spent most of the winter and spring laying on the couch with my leg propped. Meanwhile, Tommy cooked, cleaned, ran errands, fetched me things and constantly cheered me up.
Shelburne in September 049
It may not have been the year we imagined, but it was certainly one we won’t forget. There were a lot of tears, frustrations and little fights. It challenged us in so many ways and still we came out of it stronger. There’s no one I’d rather have by my side, and I feel so grateful to have married my best friend. (Cliche as that may sound, it’s true.)
Shelburne in September 024
Traditionally, the first anniversary is your “paper” anniversary, so I had prints made of photos from our first year of marriage. I used Artifact Uprising and was so happy with how they came out. I did a mix of Instagram photos and pictures from my camera and loved the square shape and art paper in place of glossy 4×6 photo prints. They’d look great framed, and we had fun looking through them while we chatted.
Shelburne in September 011
After breakfast we walked the grounds and gardens around the inn, and our conversation turned to the year ahead. We have a honeymoon trip to California planned for late February. The plan is to escape winter in Vermont to spend a few days in San Francisco before trekking up into wine country. I can’t wait!


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