A Shucking Good Time

The catch up continues. Today’s post is a special Labor Day dinner.
Cape Cod Labor Day 057
That morning while Korinne and I were out for our walk, these two hams rolled up their sleeves and waded into the pond to see what they could find.
Cape Cod Labor Day 066
They dug a big bunch of quahogs and oysters. Ian was an oyster magnet, he was pulling up the biggest ones I’ve ever seen. We tucked their haul into a large metal bowl to chill out for the day.
Cape Cod Labor Day 070
Later that afternoon, it was time to start prepping for dinner. The boys started by giving each shell a good scrub.
Cape Cod Labor Day 076
How gorgeous are these little guys?
Cape Cod Labor Day 074
I love all the blues and grays, the bumps and the grooves.
Cape Cod Labor Day 080
When I was finally done oogling and snapping pictures, we took the lot inside to shuck them so we could finally eat up.
Cape Cod Labor Day 087
Almost every time we’re on the Cape we have quahogs. Sometimes it’s raw cherry stones, sometimes Mary makes a big pot of clam chowder and sometimes, if we’re really lucky, Thom puts us to work in an assembly line to make stuffed quahogs.
Cape Cod Labor Day 098
I have spent lots of time enjoying a glass of wine around this sink while someone scrapes and scoops and pops open shells. They’re some of my favorite Cape memories. Every once in a while I even get brave enough to slurp down a cherry stone.
Cape Cod Labor Day 097
This time, we had them on the half shell as an appetizer.
Cape Cod Labor Day 099
They were a big hit. And it was a fun last meal of our mini vacation.
Cape Cod Labor Day 106
It was such a good getaway, and the perfect way to see off the summer.


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