#tbt Labor Day Lovin’

Today I have a little throwback post – okay, not so much a “throwback” as a catch up. Actually, I have tons of catch up posts to write since I took a break to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. The weather in August and September was gorgeous. And with my knee feeling better, I spent my evenings and weekends walking, biking and hanging out with friends. I’d much rather watch the sunset over the lake than stare at my laptop screen. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to share with you! Starting with today’s post – which is a recap of Labor Day weekend.
Cape Cod Labor Day 012My lovely friend Korinne and I were talking about how quickly the summer had flown by and how busy it had been (more so for her since she planned a giant event for work that took place the week before Labor Day, but I’m always up for a few extra days of R&R). So we schemed up an extended long weekend and convinced Tommy and Ian to join us in taking a few extra days off. Then we packed up and headed to the Cape.
Cape Cod Labor Day 001
I’ve never been on Cape in September. We always visit Tommy’s parents’ house and up until last summer they would pack the house and return to Illinois each August. Last fall was their first as residents, and Tommy’s mom raved about September. The summer crowd has left and the temperatures have cooled, but the days are still long and sunny.
Cape Cod Labor Day 002
It sounded perfect to me. The forecast for Burlington was 90 degrees and high humidity. So we traded the sticky heat for sunny 70 degree days. It couldn’t have been more gorgeous. In the mornings and evenings you needed a sweatshirt, but during the day it was hot enough to swim.
Cape Cod Labor Day 017
We fell into the most relaxing routine. Korinne and I woke up early each morning to go for a walk, then we’d have coffee and breakfast with Thom, Mary and the boys. After breakfast we’d change into our suits and head to the beach. Late in the afternoon we’d drag ourselves off the beach to walk around downtown (which was really just a guise for stopping at Ben & Bill’s for ice cream). At night we cooked dinner at home and stayed up late chatting over countless glasses of wine.
Cape Cod Labor Day 095
This is my favorite part of being on vacation. There’s no nagging to do list and life slows down so that you can have real conversations. Instead of running through a litany of the day’s events or venting about a stressful work situation, we talked about more fun things like what kind of dog Korinne and Ian eventually want to adopt, and how Thom and Mary originally met back in Milwaukee. We sat around the picnic table laughing and retelling stories until it was pitch dark, getting up only to refill a glass or fetch a sweatshirt.
Cape Cod Labor Day 109
On Sunday night, we switched up our dinner routine to visit some of my favorite lovlies – my college roommates! Callie’s family has a house in Harwich and they were all down for the weekend, and Bridg was in town for a wedding. So we made plans to BBQ at Cal’s.
Cape Cod Labor Day 056
Their house is right on the beach so naturally there was a photoshoot or two.
Cape Cod Labor Day 025
I love these people. They make my love cup overflow.
Cape Cod Labor Day 036
It amazes me that it’s been six years since we graduated college. We’ve all grown up so much and yet, nothing has changed.
Cape Cod Labor Day 064
We had the best time. The whole weekend was filled with my three favorite things: good food, family and friends. (I’ll end by saying that I have no idea what’s going on in this picture, but I love it anyway.)


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