Bluegrass & BBQ at Shelburne Vineyard

Yesterday was the first day of school in Burlington. Meaning that for most kids, summer is over. This time of year always makes me a little anxious. I love summer. I love the long nights, the sunshine, and the way warm weather brings everyone out from behind closed doors. I’m not ready for the dark, cold days of winter just yet. I’m determined to spend the next few weeks soaking up every last ounce of these late summer days.

So when my friend Kirsten mentioned that Shelburne Vineyard was having a Bluegrass and BBQ night last Friday, a group of us decided to go check it out.
July and August 021
We drove down to Shelburne after work and parked in the field. It was really neat to see the vines bursting with purple grapes. I’ve been to the Shelburne Vineyard before but have never seen it so “in bloom.” The grapes were this gorgeous plum, almost navy color.July and August 024
Outside, Bluebird BBQ had their tent set up, providing the BBQ of the Bluegrass and BBQ. Fiddlehead was set up right next to them, with one beer on tap and one beer in cans. For the non-locals, Fiddlehead is a brewery located directly across the street from Shelburne Vineyard. Inside the tasting room you could sample wines and order a glass.
July and August 026
Kirsten, Korinne and I opted for wine to start, Ian and Tommy went for a beer. We sampled three whites and a red, and I chose their Cayuga. The description on their website reads, “Cayuga White is a blend of mainly Cayuga with a bit of Chardonnay and Riesling. We’ve created this wine to be a light, dry style. It is- bright and refreshing with notes of fresh citrus and a mouthwatering, crisp finish.” It was exactly that. Bright and refreshing. Perfect for a sunny, summer night.
July and August 027
Once we had libations covered, we searched for a spot on the lawn to lay our blanket and settle in.
July and August 033
We found a great spot on the edge of the vines, with a view of the band.
July and August 036
Korinne wandered into the vines to grab some great shots like the one below (she’s very talented behind the lens!).
July and August 048
And we listened to the band and chatted about our week.
July and August 042
We made the executive decision to call in a pizza from Folino’s (also across the street) for dinner. Not that we don’t love Bluebird BBQ, Folino’s is just so good. Plus, what’s better than pizza on a Friday night? Ian and Tommy called in, and picked up the pizza so we didn’t even have to move. Dinner was delivered right to our blanket.
July and August 062
Our friend Jess joined us a little later, Kirsten met someone from Montana that she had a connection with, and we chatted (and sipped) away until the sun went down. All in all, it was a relaxing Friday evening, and I’m glad we went.


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