Farmer’s Market Saturdays

I’m in love with summer in Burlington at the moment. It’s been beautiful. Green greens and the brightest blues. I wish it would last forever.

I’m loving bike rides along the lake and walks around the neighborhood. And I’m especially loving Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market.
Farmer's Market
There’s food and flowers and so many people.
Farmer's Market
My first stop is always the same. The juice bar.
Farmer's Market
I get the Green Energy (kale, cucumber, apples, lemon) plus beets. It’s so good and I love getting a big burst of nutrients while I walk around.
Farmer's Market
Tommy prefers the donuts.
Farmer's Market & Cooking Class 049
You can’t blame him. They’re delicious. I would know, I always take a few bites to make sure they’re not poisonous.

Snacks in hand, we stroll through the rest of the park checking out the goods.
Farmer's Market & Cooking Class 048
How beautiful are these heirloom tomatoes? There’s an incredible amount of fresh, local produce as well as meats, cheeses, hummus, pretzels, chocolates. You name it someone is probably selling it. 
Farmer's MarketCloser to town hall, there’s a whole section of artists and craftsmen. There’s everything from prints and pottery to cutting boards and clothes.
Farmer's Market & Cooking Class 060
In addition to my juice, I always pick up flowers for the week. I’m obsessed.
Farmer's Market & Cooking Class 061
Seriously, obsessed.
Farmer's Market
I wish I could take them all home.
Farmer's Market
It seems like everyone in Burlington comes out to walk around, which makes it even more fun. I constantly bump into friends and people I know.

So that’s where you’ll find me on Saturday mornings. Strolling around with my juice and flowers, checking out local produce and stealing bites of donuts from Tommy.


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