#tbt Hot Dog Night at the Lake Monsters

Happy Thursday, friends! In honor of the day, I have a little #tbt post for you (Mom, #tbt stands for “hashtag Throw Back Thursday”).

About a month ago Tommy, my friend Sarah and I went to $0.25 hot dog night at the Vermont Lake Monsters. What is this glorious hot-dog-eating-holiday you ask? Well, the Lake Monsters is Burlington’s AAA baseball team and each year they have a special night where hot dogs are only a quarter. Not surprisingly, it’s one of the nights when tickets sell out.

I think it’s a throwback to the price of hot dogs when the stadium first opened but don’t quote me on that. Summer Vacation 011
It wasn’t the nicest night, but we weren’t about to let a little rain come between us and cheap hot dogs. When we got to the field we split up – Tommy went in search of as many hot dogs as he could carry and Sarah and I went in search of beer.
Summer Vacation 013
They actually had an awesome local beer selection. We ordered the the Long Trail Summer Ale which I loved. It was light and crisp, perfect for a night at the ballpark. Long Trail is usually my go-to Vermont beer and their Long Trail Ale might actually be my favorite beer of all (but don’t quote me on that either – it’s so hard to choose just one.)Summer Vacation 015
Despite the shaky weather, the stadium was pretty full. And lucky for us, the rain stopped just as we found our seats.
Summer Vacation 017
We arrived during the 6th inning, but before we could pay much attention the game we had something more important to take care of.
Summer Vacation 020
Why are baseball hot dogs so good?? I’m pretty healthy when it comes to food. I buy organic produce and local meat. Tommy and I cook at home 5-6 nights per week and we eat a good amount of kale (that we’ve been growing ourselves, I might add). But there is something about hot dogs that I can’t resist. Plus, they taste even better at baseball games.

When I was a kid, my dad had season tickets at Shea Stadium so we went to a lot of Mets games. It was fun to see so many games and to spend that time with my family, but my absolute favorite thing about going was knowing that we’d either get hot dogs or Carvel ice cream. Two very solid treats. I haven’t been to a game in years so it was fun to relive the joy of ballpark hot dogs.
Summer Vacation 033
I have no idea who the Lake Monsters played and I don’t remember which team won the game, but I had a lot of fun. It was great to get out on a week night to watch the game with friends.
Summer Vacation 031


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