A Night in Grafton

When we were making plans for our week-long summer vacation, Tommy and I decided to split the time between his family’s home on Cape Cod and our own home. Burlington is such a fun place to be in the summer and year after year we find ourselves packing up and leaving for weddings and weekend trips all summer long. That leaves precious few weekends at home.

So we decided to spend the first half of the week in MA and a long weekend in VT, with a special pit stop in between. It turns out Grafton, Vermont – where we had our wedding back in September – is almost exactly halfway between Falmouth and Burlington.
So we decided to book a night at the Inn. I have never stayed anywhere that I’ve loved quite as much the Grafton Inn. Seriously, it’s worth a visit. The town is idyllically picturesque, the staff are warm and welcoming and the food is out of this world. Plus, I’ve never liked another hotel bed as much as theirs. Each frame is handcrafted down the street by a local carpenter. And, as I learned on this last trip, the bulk of his business comes from past guests of the Inn who have asked where they can purchase a bed of their own.
Cape Cod Continued 304
We stayed in room 37 this time around. A gorgeous, green-themed room overlooking the field where we had our wedding ceremony.
Cape Cod Continued 182We arrived just in time to shower and get ready for dinner. But first, a snack.
Cape Cod Continued 189
Complimentary cheese and crackers?? Yes, please!
Cape Cod Continued 225The topic of conversation on our drive up was deciding whether we should eat in the formal dining room or the pub. After checking out both menus we decided we were in the mood for the more laid back Phelps Barn pub.
Cape Cod Continued 254
It was so fun to walk around and reminisce. The whole place is steeped in wonderful memories of our wedding. I was waiting for friends and family to pop into the lobby or be sitting at the table next to us at dinner.
Cape Cod Continued 262In the barn, we picked a table upstairs and ordered drinks to start – Citizen’s Cider Unified Press for me and the Grafton Inn 1801 for Tommy (a blend of Long Trail’s Double Bag and IPA).
Cape Cod Continued 266          Cape Cod Continued 286
We started with the Caprese salad (Maplebrook Burrata, Basil Pesto, Smoked Tomatoes, Balsamic). For dinner, I ordered the “Under the Brick” Roasted Natural Chicken Breast (Kale, Mashed Potatoes, Honey Lemon Thyme Glaze) and Tommy had the Fish & Chips (Fried Fresh Haddock & House Tartar Sauce with Hand Cut Fries). We shared dessert over a glass of red wine.
Cape Cod Continued 292       Cape Cod Continued 297
Cape Cod Continued 299       Cape Cod Continued 300
It was another delicious meal. We walked back to our room stuffed to the gills and ready for a good night’s sleep in one of Grafton’s famous beds.
Cape Cod Continued 190


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