Black Dog Birthday Brunch

As I’m writing this, it’s Monday night and I’ve been home for a few days. But I still have a few great posts from last week, so indulge me while I relive vacation for a few more days…
4th of July 124
When I left off, we had just celebrated the 4th of July. But that wasn’t the only holiday of our vacation week. We also celebrated my 28th birthday. Our vacation almost always falls so that we kick the week off with the 4th and wrap it up with my birthday. Making it one of my favorite week’s of the whole year. This year we wouldn’t be on Cape for my actual birthday but that didn’t stop us from celebrating early.

Years ago, back when we were in college, Tommy took me to Martha’s Vineyard on my actual birthday. We took the ferry into Vineyard Haven and had breakfast at the Black Dog. Overlooking the harbor, we feasted on blueberry and banana pancakes and french toast. It was a perfect combination of two of my favorite things: breakfast and the beach. Since then we’ve made the pilgrimage to the Vineyard every year to celebrate my birthday. Some years we’ve taken the ferry, others our friend Brett has taken us in his boat. Sometimes it’s on my actual birthday and other times not. It’s never the same but it’s always fun.

This year, Brett rented a boat from the club he belongs to and we set out on a hot, hazy morning with him and his girlfriend, Kerry.
Cape Cod Continued 008
They picked us up the McCann’s neighbor’s dock. I loved the door to door service.
Cape Cod Continued 013
Apparently this boat can hold up to 10 people, so with only four of us it was quite spacious and comfy. I kicked back on a bench seat and enjoyed the view.
Cape Cod Continued 015
I love seeing the Black Dog come into sight as you approach Vineyard Haven. There are so many boats and it’s a bustling little harbor.
Cape Cod Continued 019
 There’s a beach in front of the restaurant so you can pull up and drop anchor right there. It’s so much easier than having to get a launch to bring you in.
Cape Cod Continued 031
When we’d arrived, we went inside and realized that we’d missed breakfast (devastating to this french toast lover!) and would have to wait until they started serving lunch. We put our name on the list and took a walk around.
Cape Cod Continued 032
Luckily, Vineyard Haven is an adorable town and I was more than happy to run around taking pictures of gray shingled houses and overflowing flower boxes.
Cape Cod Continued 036
I just love it! What’s better than July on the Cape and MV??
Cape Cod Continued 051
When our name was called we scored a table overlooking the beach. I cooled off with an iced coffee and ordered the beet, feta and orange salad for lunch. It was delicious! I love beets and the orange was refreshing on such a hot day.
Cape Cod Continued 073
After we ate, we headed to Oak Bluffs to meet some friends and to get a couple of “dirty bananas” from Donovan’s.
Cape Cod Continued 087
A dirty banana is like a mudslide and banana smoothie bathed in chocolate syrup. It’s a frothy, alcoholic dessert of deliciousness.
Cape Cod Continued 114
After a few drinks, and adding two friends to our party, we reconvened on the boat for the ride back.
Cape Cod Continued 144
It was as gorgeous a night as it was day. And as we headed back to Falmouth, we could see the sun starting to set over Nobska Light.
Cape Cod Continued 156
So even though we missed brunch, it turned out to be a perfect day.

I always feel so lucky getting to spend my birthday week surrounded by friends and family in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


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