A Night on the Boat

For the last few years our fourth of July tradition has been to boat out to the private beach by Tommy’s parents’ house. You have to be a member to walk on from land, but anyone can access it from the water.
4th of July 007
We dressed up in our red, white and blue to take an obligatory flagpole picture.
4th of July 013
And a few other family photos. It had been a cloudy, windy day – one where we sat on the beach in sweatshirts – but the evening was calm and clear. The perfect weather for a boat ride.
4th of July 068
We loaded up a cooler, packed our sweatshirts and a few blankets and headed out into Green Pond.
4th of July 086
4th of July 092
The water was calm so we passed the beach and took a quick ride out in the ocean.
4th of July 112
Here’s our trusty captain and his first mate.
4th of July 117
Just as the sun was starting to set, we pulled up to the beach and dropped anchor.
4th of July 135
We walked over to our favorite spot and set up camp.
4th of July 137 4th of July 142
4th of July 160 4th of July 151
After a quick walk around and finding a rare piece of orange sea glass, we settled in to watch the show.
4th of July 187
It was a one of the best displays we’ve had in years! It was perfectly clear and not too windy on the beach. We could see the Falmouth, Edgartown and New Seabury fireworks and tons being shot off from people’s yards.
4th of July 215
Afterwards, we boated home and went out to see some friends. It was a very happy 4th. We had much fun out on the boat.

How did you celebrate the weekend?


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