Bye-bye Baby Blue

Since we moved into our house, I’ve been on a crusade against the blue paint that graced our master and guest bedrooms as well as our kitchen. I have nothing against baby blue but this particular shade did not suit my style.
Best of 2014 Books 021Our kitchen is filled with warm tones: cream cabinets, brown and ivory granite and a wooden ceiling fan so icy-cool blue just wasn’t the right fit. When we moved in we painted a number of rooms but we didn’t get to the kitchen or third bedroom. So we lived with this blue for over a year. As soon as the spring warmed up enough to comfortably open windows, it was time for a new color.
House Updates 019
Another reason to finally give these two rooms a new look was the purchase of a sleeper sofa for our third bedroom. This room has housed unpacked boxes, our vacuum and a random collection of items that had yet to find a home. We needed to give it a function but struggled with exactly what that function would be.We wanted more room to sleep guests, but also needed an space for a home office.

At first I wasn’t sold on a pull-out. I knew realistically it was the best solution to fitting both an office and a guest room into the same space, but I had vivid images of laying awake with an uncomfortable bar in your back. That wasn’t the experience I wanted for our friends and family when they stayed over. But when we came across a sleeper sofa with a memory foam mattress, I knew we had found the right combination of comfort and function.
Blog 4.5.15 169
A few days after our new sofa arrived, we piled it and all of the aforementioned homeless items into the center of the room and got painting.
Blog 4.5.15 171
We settled on a airy gray called Moonshine by Benjamin Moore (which we had color-matched at Sherwin Williams). As you can see from the photo above our new couch is a fun, mustard yellow. In order to tie that yellow in with the rest of the house I wanted something light and neutral.
Blog 4.5.15 173
I was so happy with the way it turned out. The white doors and trim really pop. This room is on the south side of the house and the light gray is so pretty when bathed in afternoon sunlight. Here it is with the couch in place.
third bedroom
We did a gallery wall above the couch because it was such a large space. It might now seem it from the photos but it’s huge. The center photo of Tommy and me is an 11×14 print in an even larger frame.
third bedroom
We used white frames in the whole room to tie things together. On the other side of the room we added a desk and more storage, including two file boxes (one for each of us) and a cart to hold office office
We still have a long way to go in here – the fourth wall houses an mis-matched tv stand that’s in need of a paint job – but all in all I’m loving the progress.


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