Cause for a Celebration

Two months ago I had an episode of overuse that led to swelling in my left knee. At the time I lost function in my VMO (the bottom inside point on your quad). When the area is swollen the muscle shuts down due to the pain. However, when the swelling cleared a week or so later my VMO function didn’t return.

My physical therapist and I tried so many things but nothing was working. Last week, in a fit of frustration and desperation I made an appointment to do acupuncture. At the same time my PT lent me a portable stim unit. I went to two rounds of acupuncture and did stim every single night. Over the weekend I started to feel a sensation in the area around my VMO.

I continued with the stim for a few more days and slowly that sensation turned into a tiny muscle contraction. I’ve kept at it and that tiny contraction is getting stronger every day.

After eight weeks of stalled progress I am back on the road to recovery! I can’t even tell you how excited that little muscle contraction has made me. I had been feeling like I’d never get better and was in a really low place mentally. But now I’m feeling hopeful and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That my friends is cause for a celebration!
Melissa's shower 136
Tommy and I went to SoYo, our neighborhood’s frozen yogurt shop, for a celebratory treat. I ordered Nutella yogurt with strawberries and mini dark chocolate chips. So good!!
Melissa's shower 133
Here’s to long walks as the weather gets warmer and healing for good. To summer runs on the lake and fall hikes in the mountains. To FINALLY feeling like myself again!

What small victories are you celebrating this week?


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