Sunday at Sugarbush

This is the first ski season in 25 years that I have not skied. My dad taught me when I was two and I’ve been trying to get in as many days as possible since. I love skiing itself but I also love the rituals surrounding a ski day. The car rides, the mountains, the music, the chocolates on the chairlift, etc.. So yesterday when everyone was making plans to ski, Don convinced me to take a ride with the group.
Sugarbush 3.1.15 001
And I’m glad I went. When Tommy and I first became friends one of our favorite things to do was going skiing together. We got to know each other while driving to and from the mountain and while riding up chairlifts. In recent years our car rides to Sugarbush have been a time to talk out plans big and small. We’ve used that time to talk about everything from where we should get married to what we should have for dinner. I enjoyed being his co-pilot again today.
Sugarbush 3.1.15 013
We met up with Korinne and Ian when we got there. Don and his brother were already out, having gotten there earlier than the rest of us slowpokes.
Sugarbush 3.1.15 018
I posted up in the lodge while everyone got ready to go out. I found a cozy spot (away from the doors) with a good view.
Sugarbush 3.1.15 012
Mountain Dew was sponsoring a free race so Tommy and Ian took a run each. They both came in second place for their age groups – Tommy for snowboarding and Ian for skiing. Naturally, they were very excited.
Sugarbush 3.1.15 006
When the boys went out for one last run, Korinne and I took a walk around. We followed our noses all the way the Wafel Shack.
Sugarbush 3.1.15 022
The wafting aroma of baking waffles in cold air is absolutely divine. Korinne introduced me to an incredible treat – chocolate ganache covered waffles.
Sugarbush 3.1.15 026
We were like two kids in a candy store!
Sugarbush 3.1.15 030
I promise, they were as delicious as they were pretty.
Sugarbush 3.1.15 036
We took our treats and set off to collect the boys.
Sugarbush 3.1.15 049
When we found them it was time to take their victory photo.
Sugarbush 3.1.15 071
Second place glory!
Sugarbush 3.1.15 053
Even though I didn’t get to ski, I still enjoyed the day very much.
Sugarbush 3.1.15 054
I can’t wait to get back on my skis next season. In the meantime, a day in the mountains was a nice ski day fix to hold me over.


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