Snowshoe on the Lake

Usually I prefer Saturdays to Sundays, but not this week. On Tuesday or Wednesday I checked the ten day forecast and saw that they were calling for a high of 36 degrees on Sunday. Now, 36 degrees isn’t usually a temperature that I get excited about, however, after weeks of temps ranging from -10 to 15 it sounded downright spring-like.
Snowshoeing 2.22.15 009
Hoping for sunshine and nice weather, I asked me Physical Therapist if he thought I would be able to try to snowshoe. He said yes and I was thrilled! I’ve felt so cooped up all winter and the thought of not only getting outside, but also getting some exercise was enough to put a big smile on my face.
Snowshoeing 2.22.15 011
Tommy, Jess and I walked through our neighborhood and onto the bike path toward the lake,which has been frozen for a few weeks.
Snowshoeing 2.22.15 018
I couldn’t get over how warm it felt! My skin didn’t hurt and it was possible to stand still without shaking or needing to run inside of a building.
Snowshoeing 2.22.15 029
We stopped for a little snowball fight along the way.
Snowshoeing 2.22.15 031
Then headed onto the frozen ice.
Snowshoeing 2.22.15 037
There were so many people out there walking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and ice fishing (those guys were a lot farther out!).
Snowshoeing 2.22.15 041
We walked out to the fueling station.
Snowshoeing 2.22.15 046
It was really cool to see it up close and personal.
Snowshoeing 2.22.15 052
The sky and snow were very similar shades of white and gray – the typical monochromatic color scheme of Vermont winters. Despite the haziness and lack of sun, the view of Burlington was still very striking from out on the lake.
Snowshoeing 2.22.15 056
Being out and getting to stretch my legs made me so so happy. I came home energized and motivated to tackle Sunday chores.
Snowshoeing 2.22.15 057


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