Beating the Winter Doldrums

It’s been particularly cold here the last few weeks with too many mornings starting out below zero. My energy level is low and getting out of bed in the morning is excruciatingly painful. It feels like the beginnings of my annual winter slump. Here are a few things brightening up my winter doldrums.
blog photos 2.8.15 012
1. Reading – I’ve been reading like a fiend lately. My mom raved about Transatlantic so I checked it out from the library. I started it at the end of last week and tore through it in just a few days. I was extra motivated to finish quickly because Edge of Eternity, which I’d had on hold, was finally available. I have been dying to get my hands on it since it’s release in September. I’ve read 200 hundred pages in the last two days. If you like historical fiction you have to read this trilogy by Ken Follet. The first book is Fall of Giants – read it! You’ll thank me later.
happy-presidents-day-clip-art-182. President’s Day – I have Monday off! I’ve haven’t had President’s day off since high school. I’m really excited to have an extra day to recharge this weekend. I don’t know what it is about starting a new job that’s so tiring but I start yawning around 2pm and can’t stop until I crawl into bed at night. I hope the extra day will be exactly what I need to shake the exhaustion. blog 2.12.15 0283. New shoes – I ordered these Merrell flats online for the big trip that Tommy and I are planning for next fall. (We had to cancel our honeymoon for my first knee surgery so we’re going to go as a first anniversary trip instead.) My knees are still sensitive to any shoes that aren’t my running shoes or my flat leather boots. But I don’t want to trek around Europe in jeans and running shoes so I’ve been on the look out for lighter weight sneakers. Then I found these Merrells – they have a supportive sneaker-like sole but look more like a flat. I ordered the bright coral to add a fun pop of color to my travel outfits. They’re super cute and fit great.

4. Downton Abbey – Downton Abbey is back and I’m loving it. There’s nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket on Sunday nights to watch a little Masterpiece Theater. Maggie Smith is brilliantly talented. I never thought I could love her more than in her role as Minerva McGonagall but her portrayal of sharp tongued Dowager Countess is right up there in my book. (GIF source)Untitled5. Motown – This one doesn’t require an explanation. Motown makes me happy all day every day. If you need a pick me up, put on this Pandora station. If that doesn’t make you smile I’ll have to reevaluate our friendship…

That’s what’s keeping me going while I count the days until spring (or at least daylight savings). How do you stay energized and motivated during the dead of winter?


One thought on “Beating the Winter Doldrums

  1. You’re absolutely right about a new job being exhausting! I’m feeling the same way.
    I just checked out Ken Follett’s fall of Giants and I’m hoping to snuggle up and relax during winter break with this good read. Love you blog, Jenna!


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