My Cleaning Confession

I pick up before bed each night and we dust, vacuum and clean the bathrooms on a weekly basis. However, I haven’t given the whole house a deep clean since we moved in.

I’m off from work this week and my goal has been to spend time each day cleaning and organizing our house. I have to break it into chunks because my knee gets tired, but I have made good progress. Yesterday I gave half our kitchen a good scrub. Here’s what that area looked like I after I was finished with it. House Updates 021I started by taking apart the light fixture above the sink (we have two of these ridiculous mini-chandeliers in our kitchen and I cannot wait until we’re able to replace them with less frilly fixtures). House Updates 008I screwed off the knob at the bottom and the glass dome popped right out. The inside of the dome was filthy. I emptied out a few dead bugs then rinsed the whole thing in warm water to remove the dust. I let it dry out and then wiped the last bit dry with a micro-fiber cloth before reattaching it to the fixture. I can’t even tell you what a difference this made! I hadn’t realized how dirty and cloudy it had been until I saw it spic, span and gleaming afterward. House Updates 015Next, I removed the knobs from the stove and cleaned out all the crumbs and gunk that had collected underneath. Then I set the oven to self clean (a process that takes many hours). While the oven worked on itself I started on the cabinets. House Updates 010Again I used a microfiber cloth and some warm water. I wiped down each cabinet door inside and out. I rinsed the cloth in hot water after each cabinet and rung it out before starting on the next. I had a sample of Honest’s multipurpose cleaning spray that I used for more stubborn stains.House Updates 006Once I was done with the cabinets I moved on to the walls. I used the same cloth plus hot water plus cleaner (when needed) method to remove the marks and cooking splatters. I didn’t notice how much there was to clean up until I really got going. I scrubbed under the cabinets, wiped down all the appliances, and washed the baseboards too. Then I wiped down the counters, washed the containers that hold my spatulas and spoons and the little box that keeps our salt, pepper and olive oil. I finished by cleaning the sink and the trash can. House Updates 019The result was so satisfying. With sunshine from outside the whole area seemed to shine. I was only disappointed that my knee needed rest. I would have happily finished the kitchen and worked my way through the entire downstairs. But those will be projects for the next few days. House Updates 022Now that I’ve finally done it I’ll have to stick to a regular schedule of deep cleaning. I’m thinking with the change of each season would easy to remember and often enough.

How often do you give your house a good scrub? Am I the only one who doesn’t do this with my weekly cleaning?


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