My Winter Essentials

Winter in the Vermont can be long and harsh. It’s tempting to hole up inside and wait for it to be over. However, I’ve found that having the right equipment can make all the difference. Over the past few years I’ve been investing in winter essentials that keep me warm and dry. Here are my top five for this year.

1. Patagonia Kai Lee Parka – Before heading to Chicago a few months back I was on the hunt to find a new winter coat. I love wool coats but I’m terribly allergic. I needed to find a warm coat that didn’t make me look like the Michelin man. I spent a day trying on all the coats in downtown Burlington. In the end I liked this one the best. It’s super thin, has a feminine silhouette and felt toasty. After two months and some frigid temps, I’m in love.
patagonia (2)2. Frye Melissa Button Boots – These boots have been a staple in my wardrobe for three years now and they’ve been well worth the investment. They keep my feet warm and dry and are nice enough to wear to work. They’re sturdy and keep me from slipping when it’s icy. I wear them with skirts, dresses, skinny jeans and even under work trousers. You can layer warm socks over tights to stay extra cozy (see #5)
frye boots (2)3. LL Bean 8″ Thinsulate Bean Boots – For years I’ve wanted Bean boots. I always thought they were so cute but couldn’t justify the expense since I already have Sorel Caribou boots. I love my Sorels but they can be really heavy for running errands and going to work. This past fall I got a great deal on a pair so I finally bit the bullet. They’re great for getting around on rainy or slushy days and for wearing to work on snowy days. Full disclosure: sometimes I don’t even change out of them when I get there. They’re that warm and comfy.

bean boots (2)4. Loft Plaid Infinity Scarf – My brother and sister gave me this scarf for Christmas. Admittedly I’ve only had it for a few weeks, but I’ve been wearing it non-stop. It’s over-sized, soft and really warm. Added bonus: it matches with everything!
loft scarf5. Darn Tough CoolMax Hike-Trek Micro Crew socks – I’ve heard people rave about Darn Tough socks for years but I thought they were all made of wool. Last year, while shopping with my mom we found that they make a line of non-wool socks. She bought us each a pair that day and I’ve been wearing them since. I wish I had six more pairs so I could wear them every day of the week. They’re super warm but also breathe well.
Darn tough CoolMax Hike-Trek Micro Crew socksThat’s how I’ve been staying warm this winter. What are your favorite winter essentials for keeping warm?


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