Pancakes and Mimosas

Living in Burlington has a lot of perks. It’s gorgeous, the people are active and there’s so much good food. Whenever I talk to people that I went to college with who live in other places they always tell me how much they wish they could find a job and live in Vermont.
butternut squash risotto and brunch 050
For all of its perks, it does have a few drawbacks. One of the biggest challenges I faced after moving here full time was the lack of other people my age and the difficulty I had making friends. I think making friends after college is hard for anyone – up until that point you were always in classrooms, on sports teams and in programs with other kids your age. It’s the first time in your life you have to go out and find your own peers. And in a place where people hibernate for most of the winter (myself included), it’s especially difficult.
butternut squash risotto and brunch 054
It wasn’t until two years ago – four years into living here – that I felt like I was starting to make really good friends. It may sound incredibly dorky, but it’s made the past year and a half so much more fun. I have lots of incredible friends scattered around in different places and I love visiting them and being visited by them, but it’s so nice to have friends in town now too.
butternut squash risotto and brunch 064
Saturday was the perfect example of why. Our group of friends that Tommy works with was all out at their company party on Friday night. We had so much fun eating, dancing and being out. But for me the most fun was all reassembling in our kitchen on Saturday morning afternoon for brunch. Korinne and Ian brought over their griddle to make pancakes, Jess grabbed bagels and Don came through with the bacon. We poured some mimosas, fired up the griddle and put together a hearty brunch.
butternut squash risotto and brunch 067
There’s nothing like a bagel and cream cheese the morning after being out. And the pancakes came out so perfectly. The griddle made them perfectly round, even in size and deliciously buttery on the outside. Here’s my plate right before I dug in.
butternut squash risotto and brunch 072
Please don’t judge the ridiculous amount of food on my plate. Or the fact that I went back for seconds. This was truly breakfast plus lunch plus a little extra. All enjoyed while recounting the events of the night before.
butternut squash risotto and brunch 068
Love this brunch bunch.


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