Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I’m a few days behind because I’ve been taking full advantage of this holiday break. It took me a full week to adjust but once I did I put aside my laptop, slowed down and went into full on vacation mode. After a few more days in Connecticut I headed up to southern Vermont to spend New Year’s at Kristen and Trevor’s. They live on a gorgeous piece of property on the edge of a State Park. It’s so quiet and feels secluded – even though town is just a short walk away – making for the perfect place to have a relaxing New Year’s Eve party.
New Year's Eve 2015 082
I arrived on the 30th then Callie, Michael and Tommy joined us for New Year’s Eve. We cooked a big dinner and Kristen planned a night full of games. On the menu we had chicken mole fajitas with homemade tortillas. To drink we made cranberry margaritas – a simple mix of tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice and cranberry cocktail. For garnish Kristen floated frozen cranberries and lime wedges in the pitcher. They were beautiful and delicious.
New Year's Eve 2015 099New Year's Eve 2015 040New Year's Eve 2015 023
With drinks in hand we got to work on dinner. Trevor rolled out the tortillas and Kristen and I put together the fillings: grilled veggies, Vermont cheddar, Green Mountain Gringo salsa, shredded chicken mole and avocado. The mole sauce is made by a woman in Vermont from real, organic ingredients. Kristen marinated the chicken with it and let it cook very slowly in a deep saute pan. It was tender, juicy and incredibly flavorful. It added such a great element of flavor to the fajitas.
New Year's Eve 2015 076
Fajitas are a great meal for larger groups because everyone can make their own dish and it’s easy to add and subtract what you do and don’t like. I personally chose a little bit of everything to make my plate. Then went back for seconds.
New Year's Eve 2015 084
After dinner we started on the games. Kristen wrapped up a few games in gift bags and the plan was to open a bag and a new bottle of champagne every hour. It was a fun way to count down to midnight. We played Catchphrase, Trivia, Cards Against Humanity, Balderdash and Things while drinking the corresponding champagne.
New Year's Eve 2015 102We played boys against girls for everything and we girls got killed in Trivia but made up for it during Things. I think I played more board and card games in the past two weeks than I had all year. It was so much fun – maybe I should weave playing more games into my 2015 resolutions.

When it got close to midnight we moved into the living room to watch the countdown on TV (and see T. Swift perform, obviously). I loved ringing in the New Year with great friends and good food. I’m looking forward to all 2015 has to bring.


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