McCann Christmas 2014

Over the weekend I hosted my very first, albeit early, Christmas. Tommy’s parents came up for from the Cape to pick his brother Pat up from college, so we took advantage of the timing to celebrate the holiday.
McCann Christmas 2014 001His family arrived late morning but Pat was busy and couldn’t be picked up from school until the evening, so we headed downtown to grab lunch and walk around.
McCann Christmas 2014 003
Church Street was buzzing with Christmas shoppers. We ordered a few appetizers at RiRa and I had potato leek because it was warm and I was chilly from being outside. We walked through a few stores to look at the Christmas displays – my favorites this time of year are Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma.
McCann Christmas 2014 006 McCann Christmas 2014 007 McCann Christmas 2014 009
Back at home their golden, Crash, had fun playing around in what’s left of our snow. They haven’t had any yet down on the Cape so he was excited to run around in ours.
McCann Christmas 2014 028
We snacked on cheese and crackers and veggies and hummus while his mom and I worked on cooking dinner. On the menu we had a big roast of grassfed local beef, asparagus, rosemary mashed potatoes, dressed greens, and dinner rolls. For dessert we made chocolate mousse (now that I’m a pro), raspberry chocolate chip bars and a holiday cake (more on that in a minute).
McCann Christmas 2014 046
I started the beef first. I originally planned to make beef tenderloin but when I got to the store to pick one out they were all reserved for shoppers that had called ahead. The very kind man at the butcher counter cut and trimmed a beautiful roast for us to make instead. He instructed me to sear it in a cast iron skillet and then cook it “low and slow” for at least 90 minutes.
McCann Christmas 2014 057
With the roast in the oven we poured a drink and let the celebration begin. We shared stories of Christmas past while prepping all the sides. One of their traditions is making “holiday” cake for dessert. It’s a plain white cake with plain white icing and Christmas sprinkles for those kiddos who wanted something simple. To make it sound more festive Tommy’s mom dubbed it “holiday” cake.
McCann Christmas 2014 058
Pat was surprised and pleased to find one decorated and waiting for him when he arrived at our house. The time passed quickly and soon it was time to light the candles and pour the wine. We started with a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon called Sharecroppers by Owen Roe that I would highly recommend. McCann Christmas 2014 066 (2)
Dinner was so nice. Everything was delicious. A huge thank you to my new friend Zac from City Market for saving the day with his roast cooking knowledge. I followed his instructions to a T and ended up with tender, juicy slices of meat.
McCann Christmas 2014 075
I was so full when we finished eating, but still managed to make room for dessert. I chose the mousse but the holiday cake was a hit around the rest of the table. The raspberry bars came out great too.
McCann Christmas 2014 096
Stuffed full we rolled into the living room to open presents around our tiny tree. There was even a new can of tennis balls and a pop up travel water bowl for Crash.
McCann Christmas 2014 115
It was so much fun to host our first holiday. I’m grateful that we’re able to spend Christmas with both of our families this year. In the past Tommy and I have always split up to be with our families. We’ll head to CT to celebrate with my family later in the week and it’ll be the first time we spend Christmas day together.


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