Good Friends, Good Feast

Sunday night is a the perfect night for a big dinner. You have plenty of time to shop and prep plus it distracts you from the fact Monday is coming.  Last Sunday that’s exactly what a few friends and I did.
12.14.14 002
Korinne and I prepared a French feast of “poulet pour les paresseux” (chicken for the lazy people), roasted root vegetables, dressed greens and homemade chocolate mousse with whipped cream.
12.14.14 014
I think I enjoy preparing a meal with friends (glass of wine in hand, of course) as much as I enjoy going out to dinner. It’s so much fun!
12.14.14 030
The chicken needed to roast for an hour and a half so we had snacks to hold us over. We sliced a baguette from August First bakery in downtown Burlington to dip in oil. The oil is homemade spicy rosemary infused olive oil that Tommy’s parents make from scratch. It’s delicious. It has just enough kick to add amazing flavor. We mixed it with balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and herbs.
12.14.14 040
The chicken roasts for the first 45 minutes by itself and you add in veggies for the second half of the time. Here’s what our bird was looking like at the halfway point.
12.14.14 065
While it finished roasting, we started on the chocolate mousse. This was my first time making mousse from scratch and the whole process was actually quick and easy. Unless you’re me, and misread the recipe and add a teaspoon and a half of salt instead of a “pinch”. I prepped the whole mousse, poured it into ramekins and placed them in the fridge to set. While I was piling the dishes into the sink I licked chocolate off of my finger and it tasted like the ocean. So we pulled out a ramekin and all gave it a taste – it was completely ruined. Good thing we had 45 mins of roasting time. We quickly did the dishes and started again.
12.14.14 068
We placed the last ramekin of the second batch in the fridge just in time to pull this beauty out of the oven. I wish you could smell this photo through the screen. It was unbelievable aromatic – the chicken, the herbs, the veggies and all the juices all blending together. We let the chicken rest for a few minutes before carving it.
12.14.14 061 12.14.14 085 12.14.14 096
Then we poured some wine, lit the candles and tucked in to enjoy our meal. Everything was delicious, but more importantly we had fantastic friends to enjoy it with. We ate, drank, and played a ridiculous guessing game.
12.14.14 100
It was a such a fun and relaxing way to end the weekend.
12.14.14 097


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