A Look at Our Christmas Ornaments

It’s a very snowy day up here in Vermont. It snowed overnight and continued throughout the day. later this afternoon it picked up and really started to accumulate quickly. I left work a bit early so I could get home before dark and even then my usual ten minute drive took me close to an hour.
12.10.14 coco and ornaments 008
Tommy and I decided to mark the first big snow with hot cocoa and a Christmas movie.  Mugs in hand, we’re watching The Year Without a Santa Claus. It’s my all time favorite holiday movie. It seems like a good time to tell you a bit about some the handmade ornaments on our tree.
12.10.14 coco and ornaments 013
Our little tree may be small in size but it’s big on Christmas cheer. The addition of personal ornaments this year has added some extra special character. This Santa was hand painted by my mother-in-law on an oyster shell she collected on the beach at the Cape a few years ago.
12.10.14 coco and ornaments 014
This adorable pair of hand knit mini mittens is another treasure from Tommy’s childhood ornaments. They’re such a sweet addition to our tree.
12.10.14 coco and ornaments 017
I found this ‘weenie’ at Paper Source last winter and gave it to Tommy as a gift. He loves dachshunds and gets so excited anytime he sees one in person.
12.10.14 coco and ornaments 019
And lastly, this bundle of cinnamon stick firewood was a made by a good friend of my mom’s. She does a new for each year so my mom gave us one for our tree. Isn’t it the cutest? And it smells wonderful.

I love mixing personal and homemade ornaments in with more traditional bulbs. It makes decorating the tree each year even more fun. Each ornament you hang becomes a story or a memory. As kids, my siblings and I loved finding “our” ornaments among my parents large collection – whether that meant ones we had made in school or ones that had been given to us as gifts.

Do you prefer homemade ornaments or a more polished look? Or a mix of the two like me? Do you have a favorite ornament?


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