Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Last Christmas was technically our first Christmas in our house, however, Tommy spent most of the month out of the country for work. I decorated a bit, but didn’t even put up our tree. This year we pulled our decorations out the day after Thanksgiving and spent a few days making the house feel festive.
blog xmas deco 025
Our tree is tiny. I bought it the year we moved in together and we’ve been using it since. I’d love to get a real tree, especially because we live in Vermont and are surrounded by tree farms, but we always travel Christmas week and aren’t here to take care of it. New this year are a collection of ornaments from Tommy’s childhood, a thoughtful gift he received from his mom last year.
blog xmas deco 013
Also new are these two nutcrackers. I picked them up at Homegoods last weekend to add a bit of holiday magic to our bar area. The bowl holds clothespins to hang up holiday cards as we receive them. We’ve gotten three so far – very impressive, early birds!
blog xmas deco 037 (2)
I’ve been working on our cards this week and am about halfway through the stack. I ordered them from Minted this year, and am so happy with how they turned out. My favorite part might be the Rudolph stamps. I found them at the post office yesterday and they made my day! The Year Without a Santa Claus is hands down my favorite Christmas movie and I love all the stop motion classics.
blog xmas deco 029
This bowl lives in our front hallway and was a wedding gift. I’ve been using it to house seasonal decorations – pink and gold chocolates from our wedding, candy corn for Halloween, and now red and green papers. Two years ago I made these little cards based on Tina’s 24 Days of Togetherness. I came up with 24 activities that Tommy and I could do together each day leading up to Christmas. Each morning one of us picks a card from the bowl. It was really fun the first year and we’re still enjoying it three years later.

Monday’s activity was ‘give each other a massage’ and yesterday was ‘do a holiday craft’. Our craft was hanging the string to display our holiday cards.

What do you do to get ready for Christmas? Do you have a favorite decoration or tradition? 


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