Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. I hope it’s full of family, friends and good food.

I feel especially grateful this year. 2014 has been a crazy one with a new house, our wedding, and two knee surgeries. But, all the craziness has made it feel extra special.
My life is filled with wonderful people who make my heart full. For me, our wedding was the ultimate celebration of how lucky Tommy and I feel. We were able to spend a full weekend with our family and friends in idyllic Vermont, completely disconnected from the outside world.
I’m grateful for family. I am so blessed to be friends with my siblings and my parents. They’re always there for me and they know how to have a good time.
The McCann’s have been family for many years but it felt good to make it official. I’m lucky to be close with my in-laws.
I am also thankful for my own health and that of my family. How handsome is my Pop Pop?! He’s 92 and full of life.

In the grand scheme of things my knee problems are very minor, but they’ve still taught me not to take your health for granted. I’m grateful to have my surgeries behind me and to start moving and getting active again.
I wish I could fit all of my sweet friends into this post but I would need a dozen more pictures. I’m grateful for all of my friends near and far.
Especially this one. Tommy has always been kind and patient, but this year he has taken such good care of me. When I’ve been unable, he’s cooked for me, cleaned our house, kept up with the yard work (he’s outside shoveling right now), and made a million extra trips up and down our stairs to grab things for me. All while making me laugh.

I am a lucky girl with much to celebrate today and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

*All photos in this post were taken by Ampersand Wedding Photography


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