Thanksgiving Plans and Prep

This year Tommy and I are staying home for Thanksgiving. We almost always go to my parents house in Connecticut but due to my recovering knee and the impending snowstorm we decided to stay put. I do need the rest and neither one of us was up to braving this snow storm in turkey day traffic. Here’s the current view from our back deck.
Instead, we were invited by very good friends to join them for a relaxing Thanksgiving in town. My friend Kevin is an incredible cook so he is going to do the dinner and left us in charge of baking and pre-dinner snacks. We volunteered for: pumpkin pie, carrot cake cookie sandwiches, dinner rolls, baked brie and a pickle and olive tray.
blog.thanksgiving2014prep 007I had the day off from work today so I am using the time to get a head start. I’m going to bake the pie and the cookies, make the cream cheese frosting, and prep dough for the dinner rolls.  Tomorrow I’ll assemble the cookie sandwiches, bake the dinner rolls and warm up the brie. Tommy is responsible for putting together the pickle and olive tray – a signature appetizer at this family’s Thanksgivings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I’ve never actually made a pumpkin pie before and I’m a little nervous – you can’t mess up the most iconic dessert of Thanksgiving dinner! I picked a recipe from Epicurious that I feel good about and will tackle it after dinner.
blog.thanksgiving2014prep 004
In case of disaster, I’m making the carrot cake cookies because they are an old stand by from my Martha Stewart’s Cookies book. I’ve made them a lot over the years and they’re always a crowdpleaser. If you look closely you can see that the book falls open to this page and the spine is actually breaking.
blog.thanksgiving2014prep 033 (2)The dinner roll recipe is borrowed from my friend Kristen. You simply put all the ingredients into the bread machine and in an hour and a half you’re left with this beautiful ball of dough. I’m going to chill it overnight and bake the rolls in the morning so that they’re fresh and soft for dinner.
Well, I just pulled the cookies out of the oven so it’s time to make frosting. Then all I’ll have left for the night is my pie. Wish me luck!


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