Mini Frame Gallery Project: Before

For the past six months I have spent a ridiculous amount of time sitting in the big chair in our living room due to my knee injury. Unfortunately, the view leaves a little something to be desired.
Blog frame project 11242014 009
The two framed photos don’t fill that wall space well and the big naked area above our tv is screaming for some love. And don’t get me started on all those unsightly cords. Lucky for me I’ve had an overabundant amount of time to ponder possibilities, and I think I finally have a plan.

I want to fill the wall space with a mini frame gallery and hang a picture ledge above the tv. I haven’t made much progress on this homely little corner but I did make some headway while my mom was in town.
Blog frame project 11242014 017
While I was icing and elevating my mom graciously ran to the craft store to grab a few frames. Then we searched around the house for additional unused black frames and came up with this mini gallery arrangement. I’m not sold on the top, right frame or picture and I still need to assemble the key frame. Then I need to find someone with two working legs to help me hang it all up.

In the meantime, I thought I could tell you a bit about the photos and items I’ve chosen to display. I found this lovely illustration while browsing “free printables” on Pinterest and loved the fun and colorful floral design.
Blog frame project 11242014 003
The 5×7 print is one of my favorites from our wedding. It’s one of the few photos where we’re not all smiling at the camera, but looking at and speaking to each other. It makes me happy.

Photo credit: Ampersand Wedding Photography
Photo credit: Ampersand Wedding Photography

The frame of keys is a very special item that I’m so happy to finally display. My great grandmother, Grandma Rose, immigrated from Italy to the states as a little girl. She was an incredibly strong woman and I’m proud to be named after her. These keys were hers from when she worked at Yale and Towne. You can see the date inscribed on the key below is February 17, 1941.Blog frame project 11242014 014As for the rest of the display, I wrote our wedding date out using the same marker and paper that we used for our centerpiece numbers and framed a photo from our recent trip to Chicago.

I haven’t picked out a photo ledge but here’s an example of what I’m envisioning:


Hopefully, I’ll be back soon with a stunning after photo – just have to track down a photo ledge and a set of helping hands first…


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