Cobblestone Deli

I’ve spent most of the week recovering on the couch, but have tried to get out of the house at least once a day. My mom is in town for a few days to help me so that Tommy could go to the office. Today the three of us went to lunch at one of my favorite, low key Burlington lunch spots. The Cobblestone Delicatessen.
cobblestone 004
Located a few blocks off the lake,  near the corner of Main and Battery, it’s just far enough off the beaten path that it’s usually less crowded than some spots closer to Church Street. It’s part of a neat row of historic storefronts and buildings.
cobblestone 010
There are two oversize picture windows on either side of the big, red door which wash the whole space in bright sunlight.
cobblestone 012
Their large menu includes soups, sandwiches, hot dogs and pierogi. They use Boards Head deli meats that are sliced in house and offer a wide selection of bread that includes gluten free, organic and local options.

Today’s sandwich special was the Thanksgiving: turkey, stuffing, whole berry cranberry sauce served on oatmeal bread. Tommy ordered that while I opted for chicken noodle soup and my mom chose a combo of soup and egg salad.
cobblestone 017
The soup came with a side of baguette slices, fresh from August First bakery. The deli’s owner walked in with an armful of bread just minutes after we ordered. They were crispy on the outside and perfectly spongy on the inside just like a good baguette should be.
cobblestone 018
I also sampled Tommy’s Thanksgiving sandwich which was delicious. The sweet stuffing paired well with the tangy cranberry sauce. For dessert we shared a chocolate chip cookie.
cobblestone 029
I haven’t met too many chocolate chip cookies that I haven’t loved, but these are seriously good. They’re homemade with Vermont butter and organic ingredients by the owner’s mother. They’re both beautiful and scrumptious. I love when you can taste high quality butter in a cookie. It makes them feel extra special.

It felt good to get out of the house for a bit and it was fun to show my mom one of my favorite places in town.


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