My Last Supper

Today I’m having a minor knee surgery. I had my right knee done seven weeks ago and today they’re doing my left. I’ve been having knee pain for about a year now and I’m very grateful to be at this point. I’ve had an x-ray and an MRI, tried two rounds of cortisone shots plus a gel shot typically used to treat arthritis, and I’ve been doing PT for the better part of eleven months. Finally, the week after our wedding it was decided that the best solution was to remove the piece of tissue that’s been causing my pain. Each knee is done separately so I’ve been waiting for this day to be over for a long time.

One of the hardest parts of surgery prep for me, being the devout food lover that I am, is not eating the day of surgery. As of midnight last night I had to stop and I won’t eat again until I’m home this evening. Tommy graciously offered to cook me anything I wanted for dinner last night. I chose steak!
Blog 11.16.14 036
He picked up this bad boy at City Market. It’s from LaPlatte River Angus Farm in Shelburne, VT. We don’t eat red meat often at home, but when we do I like to make sure it’s grass fed and local. This gorgeous piece of meat fit the bill.

We seasoned it with salt, pepper, garlic powder and thyme and cooked it on the grill at 400 degrees for about 8 minutes on each side.
Blog 11.16.14 042
For a side we made roasted potatoes. I massaged them with some olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary and cooked them at 450 degrees for twenty minutes.
Blog 11.16.14 043
We rounded out the meal with dressed greens. I whisked together olive oil, red wine vinegar, honey mustard, salt and pepper for a light dressing.
Blog 11.16.14 057
It was a delicious meal to hold me over until this afternoon. I especially enjoyed the company, my sweet chef/dinner date.
Blog 11.16.14 060
I get very nervous in hospitals and I’m not the best with needles and such, but a quiet dinner at home was just what I needed to relax and mentally prepare. That and a little bit of my favorite medicine.
Blog 11.16.14 066
We finished the night with a big bowl of Ben & Jerry’s and a movie.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting over the next week as I recover, but I’ll be back at it soon.


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