Windy City Weekend Part IV: Goose Island Brewery

On Sunday we woke up hungry for breakfast. Luckily we didn’t have to look far. At the end of Julie and Dmitriy’s street is a great diner called Melrose Restaurant. It’s opened 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
We filled up on the classics: omelettes, french toast, ham, eggs, and waffles.
With full bellies we headed out to check another item off of Tommy’s Chicago to do list – Goose Island Brewery.
As Vermont residents, we visit quite a few breweries. In fact, we live within walking distance of two: Switchback and Queen City. Most of the breweries we’ve seen have been within state lines, so it was exciting to see one away from home.
I’ve enjoyed Goose Island on tap in a few places before but this was the first time I’d seen the full menu. I was surprised at its length. There were more than a dozen beers on offer.
Goose Island had a large space that housed the brewery, a taproom, and a restaurant. We decided to grab a table in the restaurant and have some appetizers while we waited. We ordered fries and a hummus plate.DSC_0378
 was really dehydrated and decided to taste Tommy’s beers instead of ordering my own. My favorite was the Green Line. It was on the lighter side and had a great hint of citrus. It became my go-to drink order for the rest of my week in Chicago.
I had so much fun getting to see more of Chicago and spending time with Julie and Dmitriy last weekend. During the rest of the week I attended a conference and did alumni visits for work. I flew back to Burlington last night, and after a busy week away it feels really good to be home.



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