Windy City Weekend Part III: Tea & Drinks

When I left off yesterday we had just left Uno stuffed to the gills and ready to see more of the city. We set off on foot to explore. Chicago 11.10.14 038Chicago 11.10.14 055Chicago 11.10.14 043After braving the wind our next stop was Russian Tea Time, one of Julie and Dmitriy’s favorite date night restaurants. As a native Russian, Dmitriy was our guide. The menu for afternoon tea was extensive. There were pages of teas sorted into all different categories. A bit overwhelmed, I chose a decaffeinated black tea which came loose and steeping in a small teapot.Chicago 11.10.14 059After letting it steep I laid a small strainer over my teacup to catch the leaves while I poured. The servers came around and continually added more hot water to your steeping pot.Chicago 11.10.14 064Tommy and Julie ordered the house tea which is brewed in large pots so it’s served in fancy glass and metal mugs instead of individual teapots.Chicago 11.10.14 060We ordered a plate of mini sweets for the table. My favorites were the raspberry tea cake and the Napoleon.Chicago 11.10.14 061Thanks to the continual hot water refills I drank more tea in one sitting than I usually do in a week. But those few pots were exactly what I need to warm up after walking around in the cold.

We had one more stop before heading home. On the 27th floor of the Wit hotel there’s a bar called Roof. It’s a swanky, modern bar with a fantastic view of the city. The entire back wall is one large floor to ceiling window. We grabbed a table along the window wall and took in the view over drinks.Chicago 11.10.14 079I started with a vodka gimlet and we shared house made chips and guacamole. Before long our 4:30am wake up call started to catch up to us so we headed back to their apartment to get some sleep.
Chicago 11.10.14 081I’ll finish up our Chicago weekend tomorrow with a recap of our trip to Goose Island.



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