Windy City Weekend Part I

This past weekend Tommy and I stayed with his sister and her fiance in Chicago. They live in a neighborhood called Lake View just north of downtown, and only a few blocks off the lake. We flew in early Saturday morning and headed straight to their apartment for a quick breakfast. Then, hot coffee in hand, we headed out to explore.
upload 11.8.14 095There is a great park and Belmont Harbor a few blocks up from their apartment.upload 11.8.14 122It was a windy, cloudy day but I was toasty and warm thanks to my new winter coat. I always get stressed about something random before work trips and this time I was obsessive with finding a new coat. I wanted something warm but light and thin enough to pack. I ended up with this one and love it. upload 11.8.14 109Back to Belmont, most of the boats were out of the water but there was one brave sailboat cruising around the harbor.upload 11.8.14 142 We had a great view of the skyline from the park. Next time we visit I’d love to run down the path. It would be a fun way to see more of the city. upload 11.8.14 148Once we were sufficiently chilled, it was time for lunch. Stay tuned for part II.


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