5 Reason Why I Love Burlington Airport

Today Tommy and I are headed to Chicago. I need to be there for work on Monday so we extended back into the weekend for a quick getaway.

Traveling can be stressful, but one of my favorite things about living in Burlington is the ease of our tiny airport. While its small size can make it hard to find affordable and/or direct flights, it also has its perks.upload 11.8.14 0735 Reasons Why I Love BTV

1. Location – Unlike many airports you don’t have to drive 45 minutes to an hour outside the city. The airport is located a quick 10 minutes from downtown Burlington. Getting there is a cinch, especially before 6am when there are no cars on the roads and the traffic lights are still blinking.

2. Skinny Pancake – One of the hardest parts of travel for me is finding healthy options on the road. However, at Burlington airport there are not one, but two Skinny Pancake restaurants. Each terminal (we only have two) houses a branch of the beloved Burlington creperie. Their friendly staff offer fresh, local meals and healthy on the go options. This morning Tommy and I spit an egg sandwich with Cabot cheddar on a homemade English muffin. Both our drinks and the sandwich rang up to only $12. Affordable, healthy options make me a happy traveler.

3. Water bottle fill-up stations – I drink a ridiculous amount of water, and prefer to carry my own water bottle over buying bottled water. That’s why I’m a huge fan of Burlington airport’s water fill-up stations. All you have to do is pack an empty water bottle and you have filtered water as soon as you’re through security.

4. Friendly people – Vermonters are known for their kindness and compassion. Even at an ungodly hour of the morning staff and travelers alike are full of smiles and courtesy towards each other. Starting with our cab driver this morning – who we roused from bed after our scheduled taxi driver texted to say he had a flat – to the family behind us in the Skinny Pancake line whose tiny son kept dropping his toy pig on my feet, all of my early morning encounters were pleasant. A smile and a little bit of patience towards one another other makes for a much less stressful travel environment.

5. Gorgeous views – The Burlington area is relatively flat compared to the surrounding mountain which makes for incredible views. The airport is full of windows to showcase our iconic Green Mountains. There are even rocking chairs lined in front of a long stretch of windows for those travelers who have a moment to sit and take in the view.

If you ever find yourself coming or going through BTV, I hope you enjoy the convenience, friendliness, healthy options and gorgeous mountains as much as I do.


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